The Slow Lanes

The Slow Lanes makes upcycled clothing, accessories and mending supplies for your own sewing projects. Sustainable fashions and shipping in plastic free packaging.

Hey! I am Jazz, I'm an eco friendly, fashion loving designer from Weymouth, Dorset. I work from my home studio with my 2 furry cat baby's. I have a degree in Fashion Design and several years experience working in the fast fashion industry.

Over the years I've learnt about the environment and how damaging, and wasteful, the fast fashion industry is. Did you know 95% of textiles can be recycled? Yet every year, we continue to throw away our unwanted clothes (Even clothes only worn once.) they can then end up in landfill or be incinerated. But thats why we upcycle, for every ton of textiles that we can upcycle it prevents 20 tons of CO2 entering our atmosphere!

The Slow Lanes was born to create stylish and unique clothing, accessories and equipment to encourage mending and DIY, so we can all enjoy fashion but not at a cost to the environment. I want to help people live more sustainable and also come from a place of love, education and understanding. I want people to enjoy clothes, style and express themselves regardless of gender, race, size or age. 

I love upcycling for the endless possibilities but also its challenging limits as you have to problem solves and think out of the box! My customers feel special knowing that there items are one off and made with love!

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