The Stringer Edit

The Stringer Edit is a fun-loving accessory and clothing company that uses unique prints and colour combinations.

Brought to you from a young creative team; we aim to provide you with fun, alternative designs...perfect for a gift or to treat yourself. All our designs are bought to life in our Leicester based studio and can be personalised to suit your mood or attitude.
Find something to suit everyone, be it sassy, classy or a little bad assy!

Starting in the late months of 2019, we decided we wanted to create fun gifts combining all our favourite things. We value the idea of finding something unique and personal whether it's to treat yourself or to give to your bestie....which is why all our products are handmade in small quantities and can be adapted or personalised upon request.

We also value the importance of looking after the world we live in. One of the biggest challenges every business faces is trying to reduce waste...or even better not create it in the first place. When this isn't possible we look for alternatives....
For fabric that means being savvy in the way we cut pieces to get the most from the material and saving all our off cuts for sampling new ideas. In our packaging we opt for paper alternatives to plastic...however when this isn't possible we will send out goods in mailing bags which are made from recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable.
For paper products that means opting for sustainably sourced or recycled items and ordering them in small quantities so that we don't have excess stock left unused to become damaged or unsellable. We also only store our paper products in clear, compostable film so once you've taken your card or print out the wrapper, pop the wrapper in your compost bin to decompose and start it's life again.

Whether it's our values, colours, or products you love, give us a follow on Instagram to keep updated on any fabulous offers we have and sneak peaks of our newest designs....


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