The Thoughtful Calligrapher

I am a mother to two young boys, collaborating my love for words with my love for writing and using my calligraphy skills to marry the two together; hopefully making somebody smile and creating artwork that you would love to gift to your loved ones or display on your walls. The aim is to spread joy and thought provoking artwork for all. 

I started The Thoughtful Calligrapher last year as a way to cope with my mum being being incredibly ill. I studied calligraphy at art college and revisited it a couple years ago on a refresher course, which I thoroughly enjoyed and reignited my love for the art. I work in both nib and ink as well as producing digital calligraphy pieces too. All hand written and created by me. It provided a way to create some positive out of the negative in my life at the time and keep me focused throughout a very difficult time. How therapeutic it is! 

I bit the bullet and started an instagram account and The Thoughtful Calligrapher was born and grew from there. I create artwork for your/your friends/family's children's nursery's, gifts for your friends and loved ones, personalised pieces for anniversary's, birthdays, weddings, newborn baby's, christenings and greetings cards. I do take on commissions and happily work with you to create something truly memorable. 

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