Voice International

Ethical handmade jewellery & accessories beautifully crafted in Uganda.

At Voice we offer creative, sustainable employment to women from local communities  enabling them to rise above the poverty line, provide for their families and achieve their dreams.

All our product is designed in the UK and made by our artisans in Kampala. Each which have be trained to the highest of standards in jewellery manufacture. 








Believing in the power of creativity and the remarkable difference that community can make to a life, Voice exists to influence and partner with projects making a creative difference to the lives of men, women and children, to help them build platforms for their Voice to be heard.

Talking with, learning from and dreaming alongside the families in the communities we work in, we have a commitment to developing their skills and their passion to design and make beautiful product that tells a story. That tells their story.

Set up by Natasha Katumba in 2016, Voice currently works in communities East of Kampala, in Bweyogerere. Each woman who is a part of the Voice family has her own story to tell and through learning creativity they are being given a platform to tell it.


Our community here at Voice loves to sit together, chatting and dreaming about what our futures look like. We understand that when you have found your purpose, the possibilities for living it out are almost endless. And so much more than just wanting to teach people how to make beautiful jewellery, we actually have a desire to build relationship, talk about our dreams and discover our purpose together.

We are indebted to everyone who has spoken encouraging words into our lives, bought any of our products and to those who have prayed for us on this journey. Your support means more to us than you could ever imagine. So thank you. You are as much part of ourcommunity as those we meet and work with everyday.

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