Teething Necklace & New Mum Gift Set


This is a special deal, giving you a set of 4 soft, cotton zip pouches, and a colourful, silicone teething necklace, made by UK mummy maker and Etsy Seller Mama Beads.

This special collaboration, and this gorgeous combination, means that you get the pouch and necklace for £40, instead of £42 if you were to purchase them separately.

This combination would be perfect as a present for any parent, or for yourself if you feel they'd help with everyday parenting life!

The pouches are -
NAPPIES - natural cotton pouch, with word in bold black flock
CLEAN CLOTHES - natural cotton pouch, with words in turquoise and gold flock
FAST FOOD - navy cotton pouch, with words in fluorescent pink and orange, perfect for snacks!
EVERYTHING ELSE - navy cotton pouch, with words in gold, decorated with multicoloured flock pieces

Take the stress out of getting you and your little one out of the house, pack these with everything you will need while you're out and feel super duper prepared for anything!

Silicone products are:
100% Food Grade Silicone • 100% Non-toxic • BPA Free • Lead Free • Mercury Free • Phthalates Free • Cadmium Free • Easy to clean with soap and water •

The pouches measure approximately 28cm x 20cm, and are not suitable for machine washing. You can however sponge out those odd splodges of baby sick or puréed apple.