Personalised A to Z of Emotions Block Print


A colourful alphabet of positive emotions and attitudes beautifully illustrated with a whole family of animal characters - perfect for little learners.

This gorgeous print in warm muted naturals is a wonderful way to introduce a whole alphabet of positive emotions and attitudes, while also looking super stylish on the playroom or bedroom wall.

Use it stretch their imagination creating stories about the animals (how did the bear become brave? What did the determined dog get up to!), encourage them to talk about the emotions and attitudes in the context of their day (how were you helpful, kind or curious?) or for the little ones it's a great way to animal spot and start to learn the alphabet!

A truly thoughtful gift and a lovely prompt to encourage conversation, particularly in those tired moments when you're put on the spot to make up a story or coax out how the school day has been!

Personalise this print with a name, or short message to make a birthday, Christening or special occasion gift. 

Please add the Childs name and any other information (Childs DOB, Place of birth, weight) in the message field.