boardwalk 1 small glass vase


Boardwalk 1 small glass vase. 7 cm x 5 cm This delicate little vase starts is perfect to remind you of your beach holiday where you relax enjoying the sounds and colours of the sea.  It is a tiny thing and does not need to have a bud in it to enhance it or make it a focus of your attention but to me it brings an element of calm so place it where you may want to stop for a moment and breath. You may want to dream, you may want a memory, maybe both. I love the sound of the sea as it rushes up the beach and then quietly recedes and this design, which is also available as a trinket bowl and a trinket dish, is somehow even more reminiscent of movement of the sea as it is made by dropping glass heated to 800°c through a ring 15 cm from the kiln floor.


Clean with hot soap and water, do NOT put in the dishwasher. This product is made of specialist glass and it is needs careful cleaning. I clean the inside of the vase using a glass lens wipe and a pencil!

Delivered within 2 - 3 working days of placing your order

Comes in a box and plenty of protective packing ready to gift