small glass bud vase southwold 3


No 3 of 3. This little vase (max of - 9cm high by 6cm wide) iss a very small delight that makes a perfect gift, whilst it is functional it is beautiful so can just be placed where it can be admired. Perfect for a mantlepiece, a window- sill or a dressing table. It is made by creating the design in a thick flat piece of glass which is fused very slowly to eliminate bubbles and then it goes back in the kiln and when heated to the correct temperature it drops very very slowly through a ceramic tile with a hold in it. If you don't catch it or stop it at exactly the right moment it either won't stand up, too long and it will drop through the hole into a messy puddle on the bottom of the kiln!


Clean with hot soap and water, do NOT put in the dishwasher. This product is made of specialist glass and it is needs careful cleaning.

Delivered within 2 - 3 working days of placing your order

Comes in a box and plenty of protective packing ready to gift