Building a brilliant and beautiful brand pdf workbook


Have you wanted to create a brilliant and beautiful brand but you don't know where to start? Well don't worry, I have created this beautifully illustrated branding workbook for you to print out and work on at home! We will cover: 

- Brand strategy (Why did you start? Your vision and values and mission statement)

- Customers (Who is your ideal customer and what do you know about them?)

- Brand personality (What is your brand personality? Moodboards, what is a brand identity kit?)


This 22 page workbook will guide you through your vision and values and help you to build a business full of passion and purpose. With beautiful illustrations, useful advice and a splash of positivity you'll finish this book knowing what drives you, how to curate the visual elements of your brand and how to tailor your brand to target your ideal customer. 


Please note that this is a digital file and not physical copy of the workbook will be sent.