Botanical Scented Natural Wax Tablet



Natural wax tablet decorated with dried botanicals and scented with luxurious essential oils.

These make for beautiful decorations to hang around the house, designed to infuse botanical aromas within small spaces inside the home.


Available Scents

Mikan ◊ Mandarin, Bergamot & Patchouli: A fresh hit of sweet citrus, followed by lingering and nostalgic patchouli. A joyful blend designed to awaken the senses and feel like a warm ray of sunshine on the skin.

Dusk ◊ Ylang Ylang, Lavender & Cedarwood: A relaxing and sensual blend inspired by the setting of the sun. Designed to help you shift the day’s energy, creating a moment of transition to soothe the mind.

Refresh ◊ Lemongrass & Cedarwood: A tropical burst of zingy citrus paired with soft and smokey Virginian cedarwood. A truly rapturous blend designed to uplift.

Romantic ◊ Mandarin, Rose & Lavender: A sweet and romantic scent blend to inspire positive connections & optimism.

As we are using natural ingredients, colours and botanical arrangements can vary in appearance.


Moments of pure aromatherapy as you go about your day. The perfect treat or gift and are a wonderful way to naturally scent your home.

The warm ambient temperatures trigger the release of their essential oil blends from the hard wax, scenting their surrounding and beautifying them at the same time. You open your wardrobe to find an outfit or accessory to fit your daily intentions – natural scents have the power to soothe the mind and ground it, helping you to clarify your emotions.



For best results, hang your wax tablets in a small space inside your home where they will have the most impact – a wardrobe or closet is ideal. We do not recommend using your tablet outdoors, in a cold space or in your car for example, as the ambient warmth of your home is necessary to diffuse the essential oil scent from the wax.

Your fresh wax tablet will last up to a year in ambient temperature however if placed on a radiator, the scents will diffuse much faster than this because of the high heat.

Keep out of reach of small children & pets to prevent the risk of ingestion.


Shipping Time

Made to order, these despatch in 2-4 business days. For urgent orders, please contact us.

Delivery in 2-5 days.

If you would like to include a gift note with your order let us know your message & we will be happy to prepare this for you.