Gift Set - Relaxing Lavender Eye Pillow, Wax Burner & soy melts


This relaxation gift set combines a handmade lavender eye pillow, a little wax burner, a soy tealight and 2 wax melts. You couldn't fail to feel relaxed with this little set of goodies.  The lavender eye pillows are handmade out of waste fabric and have their own separate little lavender pillow inside the outer casing. Lie back and place the pillow over your eyes and just relax. Add a lovely natural fragranced soy wax melt in your little burner and you'll soon be feeling more at peace with the world.

I decided to put together this series of gift sets to make my customers life easier. I've combined some of my most popular items to create the perfect gift sets to give to the special people in your life.