Frequently Asked Questions

Partner FAQS:

How does it work when someone places an order?

The customer places the order through us and you, the Partner, receive an email with the order details. You can then log on to your Dashboard to get any other info you might need and fulfil the order once it has been shipped.

How can I get my products in the press?

We have built up an extensive and varied list of Press Partners that we work with. You can see in our Media Pack some of the publications that we have worked with in the past, but to give you a brief overview, in the last year we have had our Partners products featured in: Mollie Makes Magazine, Style At Home, Sunday Mirror, Real Homes, The Yorkshire Post, Real Homes, The Irish Times, Living Quietly Magazine, The Green Parent, Closer, Take A Break Magazine, Scandi At Home and various others. If you’d like us to promote your items with our press partners you simply send us the images of the products you’d like featured (complying to the specifications set, which we tell you) and we do the rest. We promote your products and when one of our journalists asks to include a product we let you know.

How do you help support my business to grow?

As a Partner you get access to our ASTS community group which is a great place for you to socialise with likeminded business owners, gain support, ask questions and share ideas.

We have lots of opportunities for you to join in campaigns and be involved in photo shoots in order to expand your product photography and increase the exposure of your brand.

There are a range of shared resources, including videos and pdfs, that have a small business focus and are available for you to dip into at any time in the ASTS community group. We also run FB lives and focus’s to help you grow your business. You can use these as much or as little as you like.

Lastly, we shout about what you do via our social media, letting people know just how wonderful you are.