Last year, we decided that there was no way we, as small, independent businesses, could compete with the discounts being offered by large brands, nor did we want to. So instead of putting up all our prices, to cut them for one overly commercialised day, not get paid and then feel resentful, we decided to screw Black Friday and go with something altogether more positive.

The idea behind Colourful Friday is to show people the value of our work whilst giving an extra little something back as a ‘thank you’ for shopping with us and supporting independent brands!

How it works:

- The independent brand decides on something that they want to give away with every order they receive on 23rd November  

- The customer pays full price (because that’s what the product/time/effort/skill/creativity is worth) but gets a little extra treat in with their order

- The small business owner is happy

- The customer is happy

 Everybody wins! 🙌🏽


To get involved, shout about, share and promote!
Colourful Friday is about coming together as small business owners and shoppers who have similar values and doing something amazing! Then, on 23rd November, have your little extras ready to add to your orders. It’s that simple!