Sky Original Sonnet Lines- mounted print

by The Occasional Sonnet


Please see the product description for personalisation options and requirements/restrictions (such as maximum length, number of lines available)


Welcoming this gorgeous print of some of our favourite lines from an original ‘Occasional Sonnet’. 

“Our love is not a Summer’s day or storm,

it is the sky in which all weathers form.”

We think it makes a perfect gift for loved ones, newly weds and that special person’s birthday or anniversary.


Printed on A4 white archival paper with a sleek modern white A3 mount

Our Sonnets include a lovely seeded card for your message so you or your chosen other can plant the seeds and nurture their blooms. 

We care about the world just like And So To Shop does so we try to source locally and use recyclable materials.

We also provide Bespoke Sonnets. 


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The Occasional Sonnet

We are Jade & Ben- the couple behind the words and work here at The Occasional Sonnet. 
We are really excited to be able to bring The Occasional Sonnet to you and to share the passion and creativity that is crafted in to each unique Sonnet to capture your stories and occasions. 
As a wife and husband team we work together and with you,  to shape and craft bespoke, one of a kind Sonnets as readings, vows, gifts and keepsakes.
We also create limited edition prints of timeless Sonnets throughout the year and of course, some of our favourite lines as decorative prints.   
'The Occasional Sonnet' has been writing Sonnets occasionally and not so occasionally, having studied Acting, Dramatic Verse Poetry and writing all of their life (Ben). The other half of us works in Psychology and behind the scenes at The Occasional Sonnet doing the arty bits (Jade).
We feel honoured to share in so many of people's stories and journeys and its our passion to capture them with meaning.
Our Bespoke Sonnets are originally crafted, one of a kind poems which are perfect as readings, vows, gifts and keepsakes. They are designed and written completely based on the purpose, meaning and memories you provide and are unique to you. 
We also create original 'Limited Edition' signed prints of timeless Sonnets throughout the year and of course, a selection of prints of our favourite unique lines.    
We think the Sonnet is a beautiful, artistic form which really captures beauty and emotion in its 14 lines and we hope will capture your meaningful moments and memories. 
If you are looking for something sincere, timeless and artistic or something a bit different to the popular 'rhyming poem' then maybe a Sonnet is for you.  
How does a Bespoke Sonnet work?
For a Bespoke Sonnet we work in consultation with you, either by meeting or completing our detailed form. This is to gather the memories, meaning and emotion that you would like a bespoke Sonnet to capture. When you are totally happy with it we can provide it printed/ framed and gift boxed. 
At busy times this may take 4 weeks as some thinking time and a lot of coffee can be required for the process. 
Just get in touch for more examples of our work or check us out on
Thank you for visiting our shop.
Ownership and copyright of the Sonnet remains with the artist.

©TheOccasionalSonnet All Rights Reserved


Processing Time

Ready to ship in 3-5 business day from United Kingdom (UK)

Shipping policy

Bespoke Sonnets require 2 to 4 weeks to prepare.