Square Porcelain Dangle Earrings with Spot Decoration

by Earth Paper Fibre


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These beautiful porcelain ceramic earrings from Earth Paper Fibre are made from stunning, hand painted matte underglaze, on a hand-cut porcelain disc and finished with sterling silver fastenings.

The porcelain ceramic is left with a lovely, almost translucent, matte finish.

These earrings would make a perfect gift for that special someone, whether it is for a Birthday, Mother’s Day or Anniversary!



Drop Length: 3.2cmWidth (widest point): 1.8cmDepth: 0.2cmWeight (Single): 2g

MATERIALS USEDThese earrings have been thoughtfully made using the finest porcelain from one of the best natural mineral sources within in the UK. 

Every pair of earrings you see throughout my shop has been fired twice with temperatures ranging from 1000-1260 degrees Celsius. The jewellery is cut in its ‘leather hard’ state, polished and then left to dry slowly for a few days. When it is totally bone dry, it goes in for its first firing of 1000 degrees Celsius (taking approximately 12 hours). Afterwards, each individual piece is sanded, and decorated by hand and then goes back into the kiln for a final firing of 1260 degrees Celsius (a further 14 hours). Through raising the temperature of the porcelain this high in the kiln, it makes it extremely lightweight, strong and durable. Finally, each piece of jewellery is put together and finished using high quality sterling silver fastenings which are also sourced in the UK. 


The entire ‘making’ process takes 1-2 weeks to complete.


A little booklet of the making process is included with each order.


Due to the handmade nature of these items, no two products will be the same, the patterns may differ slightly for each product but that’s the beauty of handmade right?!


PACKAGINGEach pair of dangle earrings comes beautifully packaged, secured in a recyclable paper gift box, and finished with a biodegradable twine string – making that perfect gift even more special!


ECOAs a brand, I am committed to bringing beautiful ceramic jewellery, homeware and greeting cards at a low cost to you and the environment, therefore all postal and product packaging is totally plastic free. As well as taking the steps to plastic free packaging, I am also reducing any paper wastage by printing all paper products to order.


CARE INSTUCTIONSAlthough these beautiful earrings are made using porcelain that is super durable and of a strong material, I would still recommend the following:– Avoid dropping on hard surfaces.– Do not wear in the shower.– Store them in their own box to avoid scratches from other jewellery.– Store in a dry place (not bathrooms).– Every once in a while, clean with mild soap, warm water and a soft brush to reduce tarnish and clean any scratches away.


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