1 Our Best Selves box | Feminist non-fiction


Our Best Selves is a feminist non-fiction book-of-the-month and self-care subscription box, supporting women in the UK to raise and realise their personal and professional goals.

Buy one box for yourself or gift to a friend!

Every box contains:

- One carefully chosen non-fiction book, focused on women's careers and personal and professional fulfilment

- One cheery greetings card - pass it forward to a friend or loved one

- Surprise self-care products

- £1 charity donation - details coming soon!

- Free UK shipping

This is a one-off payment of £34 for the purchase of one month of the monthly subscription.

If you join before the 11th of the month, you or your gift recipient will receive that month's box. For example: if you join on 10 January 2021, you will receive the January box as your first box; if you join on 11 January 2021, you will receive the February box as your first box.

The box ships on the 25th of every month, or the nearest working day.

Currently shipping within the UK only.

♻️ Our boxes are completely recyclable and made from at least 90% recycled materials.

♻️ They are compostable, which means that they disintegrate into natural elements while in a specific environment, within 6-12 weeks, leaving no toxicity in the soil.

♻️ They are plastic free too, and the ink is water-based.

♻️ Bonus: our boxes support reforestation, with our supplier planting more new trees than were used in the production process.

The products in all future monthly boxes will differ from those in the images associated with this listing - which were the products in the January 2021 box and which are used here for illustrative purposes only.