3 for 2 offer - square reusable make up remover pads


3 for 2 Christmas special! Three 10x10cm (4x4 inches) square make up remover pads for £4.20, plus P&P (to a total of £6). These pads are perfectly sized to be easy to hold in your hand while taking your make up off, or washing your face.


Available with white, purple or rainbow thread. I will assume you would like three of the same, but just let me know! 


Cut from waste bamboo & cotton blend towelling fabric produced during the bib making process, these zero waste make up remover pads are washable and reusable.  


I purposely haven't put a second, prettier fabric on the other side. The towelling fabric naturally has one soft side and one rougher loops side that is perfect for scrubbing and exfoliating (see photos) and it means you can use both sides to get more use out of your pads. 


Just pop them in the wash once you're done. These pads will help you reduce the number of single use face wipes and cotton pads that you use. 


The fabric used is 65% bamboo, 28% cotton and 7% polyester. This gives it durability and means it will last much longer. They are mostly compostable, but a trace will remain from the polyester in the thread and fabric. If you'd rather the pads be fully compostable, please message about our 100% compostable bamboo and cotton pads, available on request. 


Machine washable up to 40 degrees, but I do not recommend ironing or tumble drying. Pop them on your line, or on top of a radiator to dry.


Product tested by heavy make up users for over 1 year, these have proven to be suitable for sensitive skin and return to white after washing.