Animal Mixed Media Collage Small Tins- Free Motion Machine Stitched Animal Collage S Tin, Animals In Wonderland, 9.5X6.5cm


Inspired by my Animals In Wonderland Collection I have made my free motion mixed media collages inside a small metal tin! A quirky way of framing my collages to add a funky look to any room! 

The collage is stuck straight in and around a tin that is between 9.5X6.5 - 10.8X8cm.

The tin is covered in a collage that includes:
. handmade background with papers, postcards and stamps
. typewriting quotes onto fabric on the front and back of the tins
. finishing touches, floral fabrics, doilies 

Complete with your choice of free motion machine stitched applique animal stuck into the tin and a free motion machine stitched image linked with the animal stuck to the outside of the tin<3 Finished with a rabbit on the back of the tin!

There are 12 different animals to choose from:

If the animal is long I will make the tin portrait, if the animal is wide I will make the tin landscape! :)



Each Piece is handmade and made to order so the stitch line, fabric and collage may differ slightly as it is free motion embroidery<3 I aim to make and post them out within 5 days- 1week<3