Be Kind To Yourself - Long Pendant Necklace with Crystal


A beautiful long brass pendant necklace which can be customised with your choice of crystal.

The 'Be Kind To Yourself' necklace is part of our Mental Health Jewellery collection, which serves to empower the wearer when times are hard.

Designed to remind you that in order to practice kindness in this world, you must start with being kind to yourself.

I am my own worst critic. And I find that in times when I'm feeling anxious, the volume of my internal critic becomes very LOUD and I start being extremely unkind to myself.


Of all the pieces in my jewellery collection, this ought to be the one that I wear every single day.


Be kind to yourself. 

You deserve it.


About our Mental Health Jewellery range...

I created this range of jewellery to serve as a tangible piece of emotional support, for when times are tough.
When I’m feeling anxious, I tend to fiddle with things as away of soothing myself. Playing with a necklace. Twisting a ring on my finger.

I started to wonder - what if this thing I was fiddling with nervously, actually bore a message of hope or reassurance - so that when I touched it, I could remind myself of that and try to pull myself back from the brink of panic and despair? And so this collection was born. 


Materials Used…

Each piece is designed and hand crafted by me.

The phrase is hand stamped on a brass tag, which is then suspended on a 24 inch tarnish resistant brass chain.