Bear Behind Zip Pouch For Parents Nappy Bag


A denim zip pouch, with the words Bear Behind printed on one side in bright orange flock lettering. Grizzli Bear pouches are here to help parents through the first weeks, months and years. We might not be able to give you more sleep or soothe your crying baby, but we can help you organise all the stuff you need! Never do the mad bag scrabble again, finding old wet wipes, sweets and who knows what at the bottom of your bag. Next time your little one needs an emergency change of clothes, or you need an emergency toddler snack, just grab this funky Bear Behind pouch and know that you have everything you need (just make sure you have sorted your stuff into it before you leave the house!). This pouch has a navy blue YKK zip, is fully lined with a blue and white stripy material, and is machine washable. It is big enough to fit a few nappies and a packet of wipes, some spare clothes, toys, snacks, stickers, keys, or whatever it is you need to pack in your changing bag. Never find yourself without wipes or a spare vest again. If you don't have kids, don't worry, you can use this pouch to organise your stuff too! The pouch measures approximately 10inch x 7inch / 25cm x 18cm. All zips are YKK so are smooth and high quality. Pouches are machine washable at 30degrees. Due to the handmade nature of this product, each pouch is unique and will vary slightly from the picture.