bloomsbury trinket dish 3


trinket dish 10 cm round by 3 cm high. this little dish is my favourite of the bloomsbury set. it was the first one i made in this series. graduated colour from ochre to light teal with textured bars in shades of red and green with accents of aventurine blue. The edge is polished to give you the perfect reminder of the bloomsbury set. i am fortunate enough to live near charleston farmhouse and all it's wonderful colours, shapes and echo of a decadent past.

enamel painted on glass with glass textural elements. polished edges. These shallow dishes have a myriad of uses or you can just enjoy them as they are. Perfect gifts wether that is christmas, birthday, wedding or thank you.

Clean with hot soap and water, do NOT put in the dishwasher. This product is made of specialist glass and it is needs careful cleaning.

Delivered within 2 - 3 working days of placing your order

Comes in a box and plenty of protective packing ready to gift