Bridechilla Wedding Planning Survival Guide


Brand Team Hen

Taking you through all stages of wedding planning, it features real advice for real people on real budgets.

The Bridechilla Wedding Planning Survival Guide banishes the bullsh*t. From dealing with wedding donors (parents who give you money), to ditching obligation guests and meaningless details (so long garters and f*ck chair covers), The Bridechilla Survival Guide will free you from wedstress and the quest for perfection – which, btw, doesn’t exist! Inspired by the hit podcast Bridechilla, The Bridechilla Survival Guide empowers you to work as a team to create a wedding and marriage that goes the distance. It’s optimistic, ballsy and fun and will help you get organised like a boss and stay focused on what matters most.Whether this is your first marriage or fourth, you will find wedding planning chill, value and guidance in these pages. Bridechilla Wedding Planning Field Guide also available!