Candy-Coloured Critters Scrunchie


Brand Nightire

Take hold of your inner eighties icon with this fun hair accessory. Wear to bed so your lovely locks experience minimal breakage while you toss and turn, and hair is kept out of your eyes when snoozing. You could also take it to the streets to add some flavour to any outfit. Made of super soft 100% bamboo. 

This print is part of our Sleeping in Sunshine range - inspired by days filled with ice creams, sandy toes, barbeques and sunny rays - the patterns are sure to get you in a summery state of mind, no matter the weather outside. 

With the advent of summer comes balmy evenings and steamy days, and incidentally, an influx of bugs. From caterpillars and ants to birds and bees, these little critters can often keep you awake. So we plopped them in BOLD on a print to scare off any unwanted creepy crawlies at night.

- vegan & certified organic

- hypo-allergenic & antibacterial

- made from Nightire off-cuts to minimize fabric waste