Grow your own Christmas Tree Seed Packet


Brand Ovo Bloom

Capture someones imagination this year with our Grow Your Own Christmas tree seed packets.

Each printed paper seed packet includes a ‘Abies Nordmanniana’ seed, or more commonly known as the non-drop Nordman fir Christmas tree.

The seeds need to be planted between October and February, preferably outside as the seed needs the cold to germinate. They are a hardy little tree and once planted outside can grow to 16 metres! You can speed up the germination process by placing them in the fridge or freezer for a few weeks too.

Each paper seed packet is hand-stitched using a vintage sewing machine and printed with eco friendly inks, you will receive 1 seed per packet.

The packets measure approximately 10cm x 10cm

NB - This is a listing for ONE PACKET, the tree is not included - postage is included in the price.