Ceramic Superhero Money Box


Ceramic Superhero Savings Money Box... for super adventures!


This superhero money box would make the perfect gift for children who love superhero's! Because who doesn't love batman, spiderman or superman? 


This has been printed using a sublimation process, meaning the design is printed into the ceramic money box so colours are bright and vibrant.

The money box is white ceramic.


The colourful design wraps around the white money box (hence having 2 money boxes side by side in the picture so you can see the full illustration)

The money box measures just over 9cm tall and 8cm in width (roughly the same size as an 11oz mug), with a slot in the top which fits both coins and notes easily. 

The money box has a black rubber bung at the bottom to gain access to the pennies inside at any time.


The money box posted in protective wrap and a box to ensure no breakages occur during transit.