Copper Concrete Letters


Spell out your favourite word or name with these unique handmade and handprinted concrete letters. The perfect addition to any room! 

Our handcrafted concrete letters come painted in full Copper.

Choose the letter and colour that you wish and add to the your basket. To make up a word just keep adding the letters that you wish. When your done place the order!

Letter Size: 

H 50mm 

W: 40mm (Dependent on the letter)

D: 20mm

Each one of these little letters are handmade so no two pieces are exactly the same.Concrete is made from natural products and so can leave imperfections in the final product such as blemishes and air bubbles. We always attempt to minimise these but this is part of the beauty of the product. 

We are happy to offer bulk order pricing so please get in touch for a quote. 

Please note that rounded letters: 'C' 'J' 'O' 'P' 'Q' 'S' and 'U' do not easily free stand and may have to be leant against another letter.

Dispatch time is usually 2-4 days.