Custom Map Keychain


Custom Map Keychain

This custom map keychain is perfect as a gift for travellers, expats or those in a long distance relationship. It is upcycled from a genuine map of your choice. The location might be where you were born or live, to remind you of a special holiday or honeymoon or somewhere that you dream of going. It could be a country, a city or town. Occasionally it could be a more detailed part of a town or city. Please send me details of the location you'd like including and I'll be able to send you some possible images to check you're happy with the design.

I have a selection of maps and atlases showing both the UK and other countries which can be upcycled into keyrings similar to those pictured, which have all been commissioned. I only use the original map - never scanned images or photocopies. As a result you can be confident that no-one will have another exactly the same. The image itself measures 25mm in diameter and the map is set in the antique silver mount, beneath a glass dome. As well as protecting the map, the dome has the added benefit of slightly magnifying the image so the details are highlighted.  


Your keyring will be sent to you by Royal Mail 1st class service