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Deluxe Aromatherapy Candle | Moonlight Scent


Hello & welcome to Sunbeam Naturals! ☀

We are two sisters with a passion for creating natural skincare and aromatherapy products with pure, healing ingredients.

Our Deluxe Aromatherapy Candles are made with exactly the same 100% natural soy wax and pure essential oils as our usual candles, these are not only much larger, they also contain a beautiful crystal and an extra-special lid!

Each of our Deluxe Aromatherapy Candles in our MOONLIGHT scent contain a beautiful Chevron Amethyst crystal, amixture of Amethyst and White Quartz. The White Quartz enhances the healing properties of the Amethyst. Perfect for overthinkers or people that struggle to get a good night’s sleep, this crystal is known to help with stress and encourage mental clarity. When you’ve finished your candle, you can remove the crystal, wash away any wax and enjoy its healing properties.

As always, our candles are hand poured into a pretty glass jar with one of our unique hand-designed lids. We use flowers and foliage from our garden to create them, and we’ve made the lids for our limited-edition candles extra special! Each one is unique and yours may look slightly different to the ones pictured (but just as beautiful). ✽✿ ❀ ❃

This product is handmade (by us!), vegan and cruelty free.


MOONLIGHT - If you like relaxing, sensual scents, this is the one for you. Imagine it's late in the evening, your mind is clear and you feel peaceful as you walk over cool sand towards a beautiful lagoon. You wade in slowly, the pure, natural waters enveloping you as you stare up at the clear, star filled sky, the full moon shining down onto the calm waters. You close your eyes and inhale the balmy air, savouring the exotic, floral scents wafting from the trees beyond the shore. That's MOONLIGHT.

We developed this blend of essential oils with the Crown Chakra in mind:

Lavender - For a calm, clear mind and relaxation.
Frankincense - Balances hormones and relieves stress.
Neroli - Uplifts the mood and nourishes the senses.


Each candle weighs approximately 200g (not including the jar & lid).


Directions: Light both wicks of the candle. On the first use, allow the candle to burn for around three hours to ensure an even melt pool. Inhale and enjoy the beautiful aroma!