Dream Big Shop Small Print A5


Brand ASTS

Want to spread the Shop Small message and show the world that you are an indie brand supporter? What better way to do it than with our super cute 'Dream Big Shop Small' print. Ethically made here in the UK and designed by the very lovely Emma at Dainty Forest. In buying one of our prints you can feel super pleased with yourself as you are supporting small British businesses and making real people smile. 

Please allow 2-3 days for your beaut print to arrive.

Product details - A5, printed on high quality 300gsm

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About us. 

We are And so to Shop, a posse of small business owners who got together to create a positive, supportive community where we could collectively and individually grow. We wanted to feel a bit less daunted by this whole 'running a business' thing. Our online indie marketplace makes it easy to shop unique, personalised and gorgeous treats from British designers, creatives, artisans and purveyors. 

Each item sold through And so to Shop is sent directly from an independent British business. This means that when you shop with us, you make someone (an actual real live person) very, very happy. So we just want to say a huge, house sized 'thank you' with a glitter covered cherry on top. It really does mean the world that you're choosing to shop small. You're helping to make dreams come true and the world a better place. Some might say that you're a bit of a hero. 

Why is 'shop small' such an important message?

Because when you support a small business your money makes a HUGE difference. It's going to pay for football lessons, it's helping to pay someone's bills, it's supporting people to have positive mental health, it's fuelling sustainable living, it's making a real difference to real people. By encouraging creatives and by shopping small, you are making a choice to do good, to say 'yes' to ethical practice, ecofriendly methods and the joy of individual creations. We believe that shopping small really can make a big difference.

So show your support, dream big and shop small now.