Family Keyring, Stick Figure Keychain, Portrait, Gifts for Grandad


Family Keyring, Stick Figure Keychain, Portrait, Gifts for Grandad, Grandpa, Gifts for Grandma, Nanna, Grandparent Present, Hand Stamped Fob

Create your very own family keyring using Stamping Street's stick figures.Each aluminium keyring is stamped by hand and will measure between 32-38mm depending on the length of your request.The disc is a blank canvas and can be hand stamped with the wording of your choice, plus your family line up.You can choose from: BabyLittle boy with cap onLittle girl with pony tailDaddyMummy with straight hairMummy with curly hairGrandadGrandmaDogCatBird

******HOW TO ORDER:In the 'personalisation' box:- tell us what wording you would like stamped around the bottom edge, for example, 'Grandad & Us'. Please limit to a maximum of 21 characters including spaces. -tell us which stick family figures you need - please list these in the order you would like them, from left to right. Maximum of 6 stick figures For example:Grandad & Us Baby, girl, girl, boy, grandad, dog

******Presented in branded packaging

Custom orders welcome

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