February Birth Flower, Violet Personalised Print


February’s birth flower is the Violet, with it’s attributes of faithfulness, humility and spiritual wisdom.

Personalise Me – for free!
As well as lots of colour options, each Birth Flower print can be personalised in many ways – meaning you receive a true one-of-a-kind print. Please use the boxes provided if you would like to personalise any or all of these elements;

  • Choose your size, colour and moon
  • Add a name to the stem
  • Alter any of the text or attributes beneath the flower

All Atria prints are designed and printed by me, using an 8 ink system on to 240gsm paper stock, which I have selected for it’s bright white base and smooth matt surface – allowing the colours to remain vibrant. All prints are sent on a backing board within a translucent paper envelope. This is then wrapped in tissue paper and posted flat, within a box, secured with paper packaging tape. All of our packing materials are recyclable and reusable.


A little bit about these prints…
Our birth month flower range of prints started out with lots of sketches and research by me! Some months have more than one flower associated and this is due to the attributes of the flowers being very similar. For this reason you may be looking for a birth month flower which I haven’t yet drawn. If this is the case, please send me a message so I can prioritise your flower.

Floriography is the language and spiritual meaning of flowers and has been used for thousands of years and in many different cultures, to communicate feelings. The meaning behind different types and colours of flowers usually comes from ancient mythology. It's well known that a person would probably choose to send a single red rose to communicate feelings of love or to suggest a romance - however, if you sent a yellow rose back in reply, you'd basically be saying "friendship" and crushing their romantic dreams!