Fern Martingale - Flutterby Butterflies


The prettiest butterflies flutter gracefully across this beautifully pink organic cotton.

For the Fern collection we've sourced beautifully soft cottons, pairing these with sturdy inner lining and nylon top stitching for a collar that will keep your pet safe, whilst feeling lovely and soft and looking fabulous!

Designed with both safety and style in mind, the Fern collection is -

- super soft - all of our cottons are high quality with a high thread count for that extra luxurious feel

- available with either rose gold or matte black hardware

- topstitched with nylon thread for extra strength, with a poly lining

- branded with our sustainable cork labels

- made with a classic martingale fit, with a small loop which will make the collar tighten, preventing any escapes

- nice and wide at 1.5 inches (38mm) to support those lovely long necks