Frequent Criers Club Sweatshirt, Hand-Painted Hand-Embroidered Super Soft Mint Green Sweater


The Frequent Criers Club design hand-painted, hand-embroidered sweatshirt! (We hate it every time, but baby, you just gotta own it.)

CryItOut combines hand-painting with hand-embroidery for unique clothing designed to be worn again and again. Each item is handmade by me to order, using high quality cotton clothing for sustainable slow fashion to give you a truly special new wardrobe piece.

As each piece is made to order, there may be slight variations in colour etc.


These sweatshirts are unisex and designed to fit all bodies! If you need specific measurements, please contact me.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS (also included with each order)

These items are heat seat and perfectly safe for a washing machine!

For best results wash inside out on 30°.

Do not tumble dry.

Iron inside out on low heat.