Handfinished Pin Display Banner - Fits up to 50 pins


Show off your enamel pin collection with this stylish, minimalist Linen Pin Banner.

These lovely pin banners are made from a chunky weave plain linen style fabric, to ensure they don't upstage your fabulous pin collection!
We have chosen this thick woven fabric, so that the pin banner still looks as good as new, even after many swaps, as you move your pins about and add to your collection.

These Linen Pin Banners are a large 20x30cm, with enough room to show off anywhere between 20-50 pins, depending on the size of the pins. 

It is hand-finished in my Suffolk Studio - with a wooden dowel and black and white twine. 

It compliments my Wooden Print Hangers too - so you can exhibit your favourite prints and pins in style.

Thank you for your interest.

These Pin Banners come packaged in a lovely box too - perfect for gifting, perhaps with a pin!