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Hedgehog Mixed Media Collage- Free Motion Machine Stitched Hedgehog Collage, 16X16cm


The hedgehog mixed media collage is from my Animals In Wonderland Collection. A free motion machine stitched mixed media hedgehog collage. A smaller version of 16X16cm which is stuck into a square box frame.


The collage is made with a range of floral and postcard papers, playing cards, stamps and a free motion machine stitched hedgehog along with a free motion machine stitched scroll inspired by the Alice in Wonderland story.  

The collage is 16X16cm, and comes mounted onto card to keep the collage neat and tidy, stuck into a square box frame.


My Animals In Wonderland collection is inspired by the Alice In Wonderland book which I used the animals and quotes from the story to create my own collection to create a final piece inspired by animals, floral and having a vintage look.

The collages include a
. handmade background with papers, postcards and stamps
. typewriting quotes onto fabric
. machine stitched and appliqued hedgehog
. machine stitched item to go along with the animal
. finishing touches, such as floral fabrics


This piece is made and ready to send out! Please allow 2 business days to post it out<3