Kalpna Woolf 'Spice Yourself Slim' Signed Cookbook, Spice Tin, 10 Spices & Handmade Silk Sari Wrap


"Eat your way to health and lose weight with the use of amazing spices" So pleased to be working with the wonderful Kalpna Woolf, author of 'Spice Yourself Slim'.  We have created a lovely package of a signed copy of her book 'Spice Yourself Slim', along with spices and bespoke spice blends, created from recipes in her book.

  • Mediterranean Spice Rub (20g)
  • Moroccan-Style Spice Rub (20g)
  • Szechuan-Style Spice Rub (20g)
  • Mexican Spice Rub (20g)
  • Tandoori Spice Rub (20g)
  • South Indian Spice Rub (20g)
  • Chilli powder (20g)
  • Cumin seeds (20g)
  • Ground coriander (20g)
  • Turmeric powder (20g)

Book Synopsis Spices have long been recognised for their healing properties, but are also known to be a useful aid in weight loss – stimulating the taste buds and therefore eradicating the need to substitute other flavour enhancers to meals, such as unhealthy sugars or fats. Spice Yourself Slim is unlike any other diet. Rather than a contemporary fad, it has strong foundations in centuries-old traditions. This eating plan seeks to unwrap the mysteries of one of the oldest, most valued and mystically powerful food sources known to mankind – spices – and shows how they can be incorporated into contemporary low-calorie recipes that can have a huge impact on not just our diets, but our health and wellbeing. Biography "For over 20 years I worked in television production for the BBC, rising to Head of Production overseeing many of the BBC’s food series like Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers, Food and Drink and Nigellissima, as well as managing the BBC’s landmark natural history and factual series such as Frozen Planet, Antiques Roadshow and Countryfile. Alongside my food writing, I have launched food festivals, judged food awards and am curating the rich food stories and recipes of the 91 language communities of Bristol. I am Chair of Trustees for Frank Water (a wonderful charity which saves lives by providing clean water solutions in India), a Visiting Professor at the University of West of England, Board Member of the Local Enterprise Partnership in Bristol and a trustee for Knowle West Media Centre (helping under-privileged youngsters to get experience to start media careers). When I am not working, writing, cooking or looking after my family, I love to relax by running and keeping myself fit. I’ve managed to complete a half Marathon and running a full Marathon is firmly in my sights next! I was very honoured to win the prestigious Asian Woman of Achievement Media Award in 2013."