Lemongrass, fig & ginger 180ml candle


The freshness of lemongrass with the warmth of ginger and sweet fig makes this candle capture a happy feeling as it burns and fills your room.

- 100% soy wax

- 180ml amber jar with a burn time of approximately 35 hours.

Candle care:

- When you burn the candle for the first time make sure that it has burnt all the way to the edge of the jar. This will take 1-2 hours. Otherwise, the next time it's lit it will only burn to where it finished the previous time, what a waste of wax & scent.

- Make sure you trim the wick before each time you light it

- Only burn the candle for around 4 hours at a time, otherwise the wick will 'mushroom' and the flame will get too big.


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