Let’s stay home - Wireword wall mount


Pretty handmade wire word wall art ‘LETS STAY HOME’

My wire is 2.5mm thick and comes in - Rose Gold, Silver, Gold and Black.

To give you an idea of size, this piece sits comfortably on an A3 sheet of paper. The ‘L’ being approximately 12cm tall.

As displayed in the picture it’s measures 34cm’s in height but this can vary depending on how you position your words.

I can make lettering bigger on request at an agreed price.

• All of my wire words are sent out flat with 1cm of extra wire each end so that you can either choose to hang as they are using nails or small hooks or to bend the ends into a 90’ angle using pliers to instal them into your wall.

• Please also be aware that you may see the occasional mark on the underside of your wire words where I have held the wire with my pliers to bend. I endeavour to keep these marks to a minimum but on occasions they are unavoidable.

• Please be careful with your words when they arrive, there is every chance, if not handled with care that they will bend out of shape.

Please feel free to contact me prior to placing an order if you have any questions.