Luxury, Eco-friendly Breastfeeding Hamper


The Luxury, Eco-friendly Breastfeeding Hamper makes the perfect gift for any mum with a child of nursing age. Whether that be a baby shower gift or for a mum who has already started their nursing journey.

What does the set include?

'You got this Mama' water bottle

Breastmilk is about 90% water so it is crucial that mum replace this water throughout the day. This sturdy and attract bottle is the perfect companion, day or night.


4 Reusable Nursing pads

Super soft reusable nursing pads. These are the perfect alternative to disposable pads. Not only are they more eco-friendly, they are far softer on the skin and a real money saver in the long run!

These nursing pads are washable, using Zorb material which can absorb 10 times its weight in moisture in half a second 20 x faster than cotton yet still lightweight. The PUL waterproof backing holds in all of that moisture, even overnight.


'This side next' band

Talk to any breastfeeding mama and she will tell you how important it is to feed evenly acroos each breast. Bring in lack of sleep and the task of remembering which side next can be a struggle (I have been there). This band is a stylish way to remember. Simply wear on your wrist and swap over to the next side when you begin feeding. That way you will always know which side is next. 

Made from super soft elastic it is comfortable enough for all day wear.


3 Reusable baby wipes

These bamboo & cotton cloth wipes are the perfect alternative to disposable baby wipes or face wipes. The bamboo cotton is naturally antibacterial and anti fungal. It is a sustainable product made from renewable plant source. Naturally hypoallergenic, it is soft and absorbent and gentle against your skin.

The wipes are approximately 12.5cm x 12.5cm (5" x 5"), so can be folded a couple of times during the same use, meaning you need far fewer cloth wipes than you would disposables. Wipes can either be used dry and sprayed with your preferred product or stored in a container with your preferred solution until use. 


Extra Large Grey Rainbow Muslin

This gorgeous muslin square is a must have for every parent. It is soft, absorbent and breathable. It can be used for different types of scenarios, from burping your little ones, to feeding, to cleaning up minor spills. It is a must-have for your changing bag.

Measuring approximately 60cm x 60cm, it gives great coverage for privacy. The 100% cotton is super soft for even the most delicate of skin.


Washing Instructions:

Wipes, Nursing pads and Muslin- Once dirty simply pop in with your normal washing at 30 degrees and dry on the line or a radiator.

Water bottle- Hand wash win warm soapy water.


All my products are made by hand by me, so if you would like a customised product, a mix of patterns or wipes of a different size please pop me a message.




Please note:

• All items in my shop are made by hand, whilst I take utmost care and time with every product, as with all handmade items there may be some small discrepancies in size/shape.

• From a completely smoke free environment.

• All items are pre-washed but I do recommend washing in your own detergent before use.

• Due to the nature of these products and their use, returns are only accepted in the case that an item is faulty or incorrect.

• You may find that the edges of these products fray at first, this is to be expected due to the bamboo cotton and should reduce after a few washes. Any loose strands can be trimmed but please take care not to snip stitches around the edge.

• Pattern placement may vary