Luxury Reed Diffuser


This luxury organic reed diffuser will fill the room with highly scented and luxurious Pomegranate Noir fragranced oil, which has been likened to the Jo Malone fragrance with the same name.  Each is made with vegan friendly natural vegetable soy and rapeseed oil which is sustainably and ethically sourced. The highest quality aromatherapy fragrance oils are added to create a pure and natural luxury product which makes a perfect gift for mom, sister or best friend.



100ml Reed Diffuser will last approximately 2 months



Black Pomegranate - Pink pepper mixed with frankincense, cardamom and citrus overnotes give way to a fruity amber and vanilla base. An intensely luxurious fragrance that has often been likened to Jo Malone scent.


Sea Salt & Spray - create your own spa with this  fresh ozonic scent with citrus tones to provide further freshness and a hint of calming rose 


Lime, Basil & Mandarin -  Inspired by the Jo Malone scent of the same name this is an explosion of citrus with lime, mandarin and grapefruit provide uplifting freshness, whilst peppery herbs, exotic woods and amber surround you with luxurious warmth. 


Fresh Linen - a soft, clean and delicate powdery scent with floral notes and a hint of vanilla


Wild Fig & Grape - Rich and warming, this luxurious blend of fig and vanilla is lifted by the addition of sweet grape with a touch of coconut for you to relive those heady days of summer




All candles and reed diffusers are presented in a luxury white box and will be gift wrapped before shipping.



Same day shipping can be arranged as long as products are in stock.


INSTRUCTIONS: Reed Diffusers are very simple to use and unlike candles they can be left unsupervised to create an inviting scent to welcome you home. Simply add the reeds into the neck of the open bottle , they will naturally absorb the oil over the space of 24 hours, drawing the scent to the top of the reeds where the fragrance is released into the air. To enhance this process you may like to turn  the reeds 2-3 times over the first day. 


To maximise scent exposure I recommend placing your diffuser where air circulates regularly, by the door is ideal. Scent can easily be refreshed by turning the reeds at least once per week.


Luxury candles in matching scents are also available for you layer fragrance throughout your home