Memory Foam Baby Bamboo Wedge Pillow with Bonus Bamboo pillowcase

£29.00 £23.00

We know how important sleep is to a growing baby. Our bamboo baby wedge pillow is designed with a 12 degree incline that will carefully elevate your baby’s head and torso for sound and comfortable sleep. It will not only help your baby fall asleep comfortably but we also believe this product will help your little one through reflux, colic, spit ups and nasal congestion. Did you know? You can also use the bamboo baby wedge pillow during pregnancy. The pillow can offer great support for the growing belly. Don’t let it just sit there, why not test it out as it can help relieve the pulling feeling in your belly when you lie on your side. It is lightweight to move around when switching sides during sleep and due to its compact design, you carry it around anywhere.

What is comfort without peace of mind? The memory foam baby wedge pillow is produced from a single block of high density memory foam which will softly support your baby’s head and neck and is proven to help fight against flat head syndrome. This is hardly possible to achieve with a standard stuffed pillow. The bamboo baby wedge pillow has no nasties and has been crafted from our signature bamboo fibre in a sustainable manner adhering to the highest standards for both your tribe and the planet. The bamboo fibre is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and will protect your little one’s sensitive skin against allergies. It has a super luxurious feel, is highly breathable and also has thermo-regulating properties which will keep your baby cool when it is hot and warm when it is cool.  We are sure that this pillow will soon be part of your everyday essentials at home or on the go…