Brand Nipper&Co

16 whole leaf pyramids of naturally invigorating black tea blend.

100% organic black tea blend that is crafted for those looking to add an extra kick to their everyday cuppa. It is a naturally rich Indian Assam & Sri Lankan black tea with Yerba Mate for energy and Siberian Ginseng for immunity. This wake-up brew truly makes a perfect organic pick-me-up cuppa that will fuel your day to day life. Can be enjoyed with or without milk.

Organic Black Tea Blend

Ingredients: Indian Assam Black Tea (70%), Sri Lankan Black Tea (20%), Yerba Mate (8%), Siberian Ginseng (2%)

Siberian Ginseng supports the immune system. Yerba Mate helps with mental and physical fatigue.

Soil Association Certified Organic 

Making it perfect: Use 1 pyramid per mug. Always use fresh water, bring it to boil and infuse for 2-5 minutes. Enjoy whenever you need a perfect pick-me-up.

Storage: Store in a dry and light protected place

Our Assam tea, main ingredient of our Wake Up Brew, comes from Tonganagaon, small family tea estate in the north-eastern India near the Namdapha National Park, known as one of India’s richest area of biodiversity. This area along the Brahmaputra river is where the hearty, malty Assam teas are grown. The rainfall and hot and humid microclimate of the area create the perfect environment for growth of this premium tea, as well as help to create the unique taste of Assam teas. Pure Assam’s are notable for their heartiness, strength, and body. The addition of milk will often enhance the subtler flavour notes in Assam teas. We blend it with finest Ceylon Sri Lankan tea to achieve a wonderful rounded taste, and enrich with Siberian ginseng for immunity and Yerba Mate for energy.* Now there’s your perfect pick me up cuppa!

*Siberian Ginseng supports the immune system. Yerba Mate helps with mental and physical fatigue.

Our Ceylon tea comes from Halpewatte estate in wonderful Sri Lanka. From the centre of the country’s hills, grown at an elevation 6000ft to 2000ft above sea level. Given the high elevation at which it is picked, the tea is bright in colour and greater in flavour and freshness. The rare and refined quality of the taste easily sets the tea leaves apart from most other varieties.

The family business prides on it’s membership with Ethical Tea partnership and so do we. They promote fair trade and aggressively pursue activities which improve quality of life and reduce carbon footprint.

A “classic Ceylon flavor” is bold, and full. It has medium-to-full tannins and some notes of citrus, chocolate and spice.

It was processed by hand, making a brisk, bright tea.