Pastel rainbow polymer clay necklace


This bright rainbow statement necklace is made from hand-rolled polymer clay beads and strung on grey, yellow, purple or turquoise waxed cotton cord. 


The necklace is made using clay beads in pastel rainbow shades of yellow, green, blue and pink.


It features a sliding knot design, so it can be adjusted from 42cm (roughly 16.5in) right up to choker fit.  The adjustable feature means this stand-out piece will look great with all necklines.


The knot is finished with 2 painted wood beads.


~ adjustable necklace

~ maximum hanging length of 42cm

~ all beads hand-rolled in my studio in Dundee

~ each necklace is made by hand, so no 2 pieces are identical


~ 12 clay beads with a diameter of roughly 2cm each