Peach (Pink) Plant Pot


Polka Pots are suitable for internal and external use and are ideal for window sills, patios, gardens and balconies. ​


Our Polka Pots come in three sizes:

The Little Pot - *Perfect for planting herbs or small plants/cacti* 

Dimensions: H 11cm, D 13.5cm

Weight: 400g

Material: Terracotta 


The Middle Pot - *Perfect for planting small plants, flowers and cacti* 

Dimensions: H 14.9cm, D 17.1cm

Weight: 800g

Material: Terracotta 


The Big Pot - *Perfect for plants, flowers and cacti* 

Dimensions: H 18cm, D 21cm

Weight: 1.5kg

Material: Terracotta 

We're so pleased to now offer bespoke options:
  • Choose your base colour
  • Choose your size
  • Choose if you'd like our signature polkadots or hearts (in black/white/silver or gold)!

Each pot has a built-in drainage hole underneath to prevent over-watering. If desired, you can place a stone or pebble over the drainage hole to prevent compost/soil washing through, though we would also recommend placing a plate underneath.

Should any water marks appear, or the pot gets dirty, you may wipe clean with a damp cloth.

All orders are bespoke, so therefore please kindly allow 2-3 weeks for them to be ready to post.