Pearl Cascade Bridal Bouquet


Our bespoke: Snow Blast Bridal Bouquet is simply heavenly and perfect for a sweet fresh bespoke bride.

(Front facing)

Bridesmaid Measures: 8 inches

Bridal Measures: 9 inches

Bridal Large Measures: 11 inches

For colour choices we offer a rich creamy ivory and a more white bridal ivory. Additionally we have taken custom orders on the colour of the pearls so we can let you know what colours can be added to your custom order.

At award winning Bespoke Vintage Castle our bouquets are luxuriously and lovingly hand made atelier deliciously crafted for you. If you have a locket or vintage heirloom we can arrange the addition of you're special piece to you're bouquet.

Why not order all of your bridal pieces from us? You won't have to rush from store to store we will match everything here for you.

We provide matching buttonholes and corsages available also to order, so stay with us to ensure all you're wedding pieces are the same.

Because of the valuable nature of this item insurance and tracking has already been added to the cost of postage.

▪ Bouquet comes wrapped in tissue in a beautiful hand decorated presentation box

â–ª A luxurious heirloom to hand down for generations to come

Thank you for shopping with Bespoke Vintage Castle

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