Personalised Premium Embroidered Swim Bag and Towel - Kids Swim Bag and Towel Set, Childrens Swimming Bag Towel - Mermaid, Unicorn, Dinosaur


CHLOE & LYDIA Premium 300D Water-Resistant Personalised Swim Bag and Towel Set embroidered with different swim characters and your name, school, swimming club etc...

Choose from our unique range of characters: Mermaid, Unicorn, Dinosaur, Dolphin, Shark, Tiger, Lion, Zebra

Premium multi-purpose water-resistant drawstring bag with hidden stash pocket, Chunky draw cords. 300D Polyester Water-resistant fabric. Perfect for swimming lessons, swim bag, back to school, PE Class, Gym class for kids and children.

*Please note that due to the different material compositions and the dying process the colour of the bag and towel will not be an exact match.

Swim Bag:
+ 300D Polyester
+ 40cm x 48cm
+ 15 Litre Capacity

130cm x 70cm (550gsm thick pile)