Rainbow Sprinkle Cake Pops


These 6 Rainbow Sprinkle Cake Pops are just so pretty.

Take a bite into one of our Rainbow Sprinkle Cake Pops and you really won't believe what's inside. The crispy candy coating opens up to reveal an absolutely delicious vanilla cake! But that's not all: it's rainbow coloured! What's not to love about these?

Each Rainbow Sprinkle Cake Pop is made with our delicious rainbow vanilla cake. We individually hand shape them, encase each rainbow cake in a scrummy candy coating and dust each one with a pinch of white sprinkles, adding a sprinkling of unicorn glitter for the final touch.

Each set of Rainbow Sprinkle Cake Pops contains 6 different rainbow coloured vanilla Cake Pops.

We only use the best organic butter, free range eggs and Madagascan vanilla in our Cake Pops. All our cake bases are baked freshly to order and are best consumed within 21 days.

Allergens: Eggs, Wheat, Milk, Soya, Edible Food Colours

Whilst our cake pops do not contain nuts, our kitchen does handle nuts so we cannot guarantee these to be totally nut free.