Red Diamond playing card earrings



Beautiful red diamond earrings which are made from upcycled genuine playing cards. You will always be able to wear diamonds with these recycled quirky earrings. They are ideal as a poker gift for the card or poker player, the Alice in Wonderland fan or just because you love diamonds! The sharp geometric diamond shape never goes out of fashion. They can be worn as an everyday pair of earrings or for more glamorous occasions brightening up a plain outfit.

It's always hard finding something different for Mothers Day or Valentine's Day - maybe this pair of earrings could solve your problems? Please note the earrings you receive may not be the exact ones photographed, but would be very similar to these shown.


Dimensions and materials used The sheet music for each earring is cut and set into a pair of silver-plated mounts and topped with a glass dome. The diameter of the image is 16mm diameter. This magnifies the image slightly and draws attention to the notes themselves. They hang from a wire earring hook - ou have the choice of either silver plated or silver hooks.


How will your earrings be sent to you? Your earrings will be sent to you on a card made from recycled materials. The outer packaging is fully eco-friendly and can be fully composted or recycled.  They will be sent to UK addresses via Royal Mail 1st Class post