Reusable Felt Christmas Crown


These felt crowns make a fun and waste free alternative to the disposable paper crowns you get in Christmas crackers.  Made with 2 layers of wood/viscose blend felt they are soft, comfortable and plastic free.  They are secured with a ribbon bow at the back making them adjustable to any head size.

They would make a great addition to your Christmas place settings, and can be reused year after year after year.

And as many of us will be celebrating online this year, they can also be posted directly to your loved ones as a festive zoom party accessory.

Please select your colours from the list below. Please note you need to select one colour for the outside of the crown (front) and one colour for the inside (back). Available colours are:

1. Royal Blue

2. Pale Blue

3. Yellow

4. Rose Pink

5. Red

6. Teal

7. Lime Green

8. Purple

9. Mauve

10. Lemon

Each crown is approx 45cm long and 15cm high (not including the ribbons)

There crowns are intended for adult use and should not be left with children unattended