Free Motion Sewing Machine Embroidery Applique Keyring, 7X5cm


The keyring is free motion machine stitched onto a cotton fabric with applique to add colour. Finished with a neutral felt fabric onto the back, with a coloured ribbon and a keyring split ring attached to the top.

The keyring is approximately 7X5cm and has a ribbon attached which is approximately 6cm with a 25mm keyring split ring

I want to make the keyring you want so you have the option to choose what floral fabric, which way the sewing machine is facing and the colour ribbon too!

There is an option of 3 floral fabrics:
.Ditsy Floral
.Pink Floral
.Blue Floral

And you can choose the direction of the sewing machine:
.Facing Left
.Facing Right

You can choose which ribbon colour you would want! (Please look at the pictured selection of ribbon) Write the colour in the personalisation section and I will make it straight away! <3
Colour Ribbons-
.Pink Polka Dot
.Black Polka Dot

Each Piece is handmade so the stitch line, fabric may differ slightly as it is free motion embroidery<3