Sewing Machine Keyring- Free Motion Embroidery Applique Sewing Machine Keyring, Aprox 7X5cm


The Sewing Machine Keyring is from my Animals In Wonderland Collection. A free motion machine stitched applique Sewing Machine Keyring.

The keyring is free motion machine stitched onto a cotton base fabric then stitched onto a sturdy neutral boiled wool!
Finished with coloured ribbon and a keyring split ring attached to the top.

The keyring is approximately 7X5cm and has a ribbon attached which is approximately 6cm with a 25mm keyring split ring to attach to your keys, bag, zip, where ever you want! <3


You can choose which ribbon colour you would want! (Please look at the pictured selection of ribbon) Write the colour in the personalisation section and I will make it straight away! <3

Colour Ribbons-


.Pink Polka Dot


.Black Polka Dot


(The pink ribbon pictured on the keyrings has been stopped being made so I have got a very similar ribbon, the new pink (pictured) is just a bit lighter)

Each Piece is handmade so the stitch line, fabric may differ slightly as it is free motion embroidery<3